Clip the Tie-On

A tie is one of the best accessories used by men. A tie makes the men look presentable and formal at the same time. And a tie is just a menswear string cord but symbolizes a word that matter the most – nobleness, order, and honor.

Reasons Why Men Wearing A Tie

  • Career – A tie is a motion of professionalism. Once you are wearing a tie, there is a signal for getting a respect from everyone. The impression of people to you is very much personal and smart because being well-dressed through the use of the tie.
  • Confidence – A tie is an indication of confidence. Tie, in a way, helps you to stand with dignity and to bring your full confidence.
  • Beholding Good Outlook – Aside from getting respected by the people you encounter, a tie helps you to be more good looking.

Varieties of Tie

  • The Ascot Tie – Typically tightened by the use of the tie lock or a pin and usually folded over. This is used on formal occasions.
  • Bow Tie – A ribbon style made to tie around the collar. And if you are wearing a tuxedo, it is preferable to use a bow tie.
  • Traditional Tie – This is the tie that is commonly used by many. This tie can be wear with a suit and to all type of business gathering.
  • Skinny Tie – This is the type of tie that is closely related to traditional tie, but, the skinny tie has a shorter width compare to Traditional tie. This tie is for the formal setting but, it can also be worn as well as with a pair of jeans.

What is the sense of wearing a tie? You are going to choose from many options to take, and pick what you think is the best tie for you. And here is the help for you to determine whether what the different types of ties are and when is the best time to wear them.