Not just London, not just a Mall

This section is designed as a sort of index to the site. If it all gets a bit much, come back here through the menu, and get your bearings.

The latest additions to the site will appear on our opening page and here, so as a regular user you can always see what’s new.

Safe Shopping allows you to browse through a range of shopfronts. The London Mall supports secure ordering through our Netscape Secure Commerce Server. We can even link across to retailers who have their sites outside The Mall, but have a secure order page with us.

Unplugged is full of suggestions for things to do when you’re away from your computer, day or night. From tourism to clubbing,this should have a few pointers to what there is out there.

Surfing Suggestions is updated daily, containing sites which appeal to either our design team, or which have been suggested by readers. The section is also sponsored by one advertiser (ad next to the button bar).

Competitions gives readers the chance to win all sorts of weird (sometimes even useful) prizes.